Stories about our van build, and our journeys.

May 29, 2020

From MVP to version 1, the van build checklist

Going from a minimal viable van build to an actual van (version 1).
July 27, 2019

The bed for the adults

The bed for the adults was the toughest nut to crack because it has the most impact on the layout of the van. We had 4 options when it came to our own bed each creating new issues.
July 26, 2019

A minimal viable van conversion, part 3: gas stove and running water

Now that the basic kitchen is in it was time to make sure we can cook and clean in it. In our case, that means a gas stove and a water system.
July 21, 2019

A minimal viable van conversion, part 2: the ikea kitchen

You see a lot of people building their own interior and their own kitchen. We don’t have the time, the experience or the machinery so we decided to take the Ikea route.
July 13, 2019

A minimal viable van conversion, part 1 a bed and more

3 reasons to do a minimal viable van conversion which will help you get the most out of your van and your van build process.
July 7, 2019

3D sketching the van layout, paper vs reality

June 22, 2019

There is no perfect van

When you are searching for a van for 5, there is no perfect van: everything is too small. In a perfect world, the van enables you to sleep without rebuilding the entire van, sit and word in comfortable positions and room to cook and eat. It also enables you to take your outdoor sporting gear but also has room for your solar, which enables cooking, heating, and powers your electric stuff. Right?