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We used to drive to Europe with our electric car and pitched our tent wherever we could. Our plan was to take the Lightyear One -to be delivered in 2020- and drive from Groningen to South Africa.

But since the solartech is brand new and the journey harsh we decided to do a van build instead!


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August 20, 2019

The bed for the adults

The bed for the adults was the toughest nut to crack because it has the most impact on the layout of the van. We had 4 options when it came to our own bed each creating new issues.
July 26, 2019

A minimal viable van conversion, part 3: gas stove and running water

Now that the basic kitchen is in it was time to make sure we can cook and clean in it. In our case, that means a gas stove and a water system.

Photo gallery

We are well past the 10’000 photos of all our trips. Luckely most of them do not have the 2 star plus rating. Those that do -either taken by the kids or Mark- are in the gallery, on our instagram pages or on Flickr.

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