Van for 5.

We bought the biggest van we could drive, and are now figuring out how to fit 5 Duchies in a 17m3 space so we can travel trough Europe.

About us The van (conversion)

The challenge


The biggest challenge for this build consist of 5 factors.

There are not 1, or 2 but 3 kids, joining the Journey. Julian age 10, Robin age 9 and Eise age 6. And they will be older (and taller) by the time we leave.

She (Yvanka) is 1.67m tall, and he (Mark) is 1.82m which means we won't be able to sleep in the width of a regular van.

The story so far

May 9, 2021

Water in the left rear light

A small crack gave us water in the left rear light. Sure you can buy a new one for around € 50,- but it's way more fun to repair the old one.
May 3, 2021

Upgrading the audio system with new speakers + hooking it up to the leisure battery

Upgrading the audio system with new speakers and hooking it up to the leisure battery including a toggle switch for the starter battery.
May 2, 2021

Some days fly by smoothly when you’re building you van, other … don’t

Some days everything seems to be going well. You also have days where things don't run smoothly. I have the feeling that the latter days are in the majority when it comes to a van build and, today certainly was such a day.

Photo gallery

We are well past the 10’000 photos of all our trips. Luckely most of them do not have the 2 star plus rating. Those that do -either taken by the kids or Mark- are in the gallery, on our Instagram pages or on Flickr.

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